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Welcome to 4 Volcanoes Lodge

Privat Villa and Vacation Home

The property lies in a valley, surrounded by four ancient volcanoes and next to the biggest lake of the country. The climate is gentle and spring like all year round, with many hours of sun every day.

main_lodging_entrada space_night_4 treats_jacuzzi_1The Ecuadorian climate at our altitude is a gardener’s paradise and our garden is a true sensual experience. Explore dozens of aromas, from classic lavender to exotic trumpet flower. Find all kinds of herbs and spices, organic vegetables, thousands of flowers, orchids and sweeping trees. Let the kids enjoy the playground and super size sandbox while you enjoy a shady sitting area or stroll our walkable Labyrinth.

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This property was formerly a corn field, but turned into an extraordinary perennial garden by the organic garden designer and land artist Andi Bernauer. She shaped the two acres around the villa into thoughtfully designed spaces by using both native and decorative plants.

BlumenAltitude 2640m/ 8660feet
Location: Longitud -78,19 * Latitud 0,199
About 2 hours north of Quito, 3 hours south of Columbia
Calle Sucre s/n, San Pablo del Lago, Imbabura province, Ecuador
PO Box (Casilla postal) 10-02-54, Otavalo
Phone:      00593-62 918488, Cell Phone:     00593-98 3591568
Skype:       christina.ring     Email:     contact@4volcanoes.com

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